Ever wonder which critical care attending would make a dashing Dracula?

Or which medicine attending would look most handsome on a horse?

What about which program director would make the most strapping Santa?

Well wonder no more!

The much anticipated 1st Annual Men of Tulane calendar is here!  The inspiration came from HOPFest which some of you may remember well (or not so well) from last year. Our goal is to raise money to support local clinics and healthcare efforts for the uninsured in NOLA.  To help raise funds for our organization, some of our most beloved attendings have volunteered their time and their modeling services for a truly amazing calendar.

For a mere $20 you can support a good cause and get your hands on 365 days of tulane's finest!

How to Pay:

1. Chase Quick Pay 

- username: krewedusante1

- email: krewedusante@gmail.com

- cell: 917-693-9207

2. paypal

- email: krewedusante@gmail.com

- click the button below